Sunday, July 01, 2007

Homosexuality = Promiscuity

O que eu penso sobre o assunto...


operte said...

i see love!

operte said...

mas sim, é verdade que é a ideia que muitos têm..

Water Element said...

This video is complex and very daring ^_^
It shows that promiscuity is something that is growing or at least more visible in our society because we're losing some values.
There are some people that think that homosexuals are very promiscuous, maybe more than heterosexuals. It wouldn't be surprising to me if that was TRUE. BUT THERE IS A REASON! There is always a reason. Homosexuals are the most affected group (here is what I think) because we don't have and never had what hetero's have ( sexual education in an homo perspective since childhood, religion support, family support...)
There are some of us that can overtake those holes in our society and have a stable relation... this is the mensage of the video, isn't it beautiful!! ^_^ The video shows this to you? I hope it does! =S

Filipe said...

um video muito bem feito que mostra exactamente o que se passa.

De facto muitos LGBT não se revêm nas marchas devido a imagem que passam dela na comunicação social, para eles só digo que ninguem nos representa melhor que nós mesmo.

Por isso dia 7 vou estar no porto a marchar, e espero que voçês tb ;)

Ragof said...

='( eu n estendo quase nada lol.
Ja pensou em colocar em portugues em letras pequena enbaixo do texto?? lol
Se n fizer isso n tera mais beijos sociais nem meus nem do Luso =P.
Gostei do video e tb vou estar na marcha. Dia 7 =).