Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mariah Carey vs Whitney Houston

"Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, old rivals in the pop music world, are racing to finish albums and release them this year. Carey looks like she'll be the winner. According to my sources, she's nearing the end of recording for a CD to follow up her mega-selling "Emancipation of Mimi". Island/DefJam has set a November 20 release date.
Carey has been recording all over the world, including on her beloved Isle of Capri, where she was recently photographed cavorting on designer Roberto Cavalli's yacht. In fact, she's been working her ample posterior off, and has as many as eight finished tracks in the can, sources tell me. "She's working with all different producers and writers," a source said. "And she sounds great."
Meanwhile, Houston is said to have two completed tracks finished and is getting ready for a third. Her album still has no name or release date, but all systems continue to be "go" according to insiders. The big news about Whitney is that she may be ready to quit living in Los Angeles, where she's been for more than a year while kicking drugs and starting her life over.
The talk now is that this fall, Houston will resume living in Atlanta, the place where she had many painful experiences during her turbulent marriage to Bobby Brown."

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where is whithey? houston we have a problem!